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ex-HMAS Adelaide Sinking

This site is devoted to diving and the marine life of the NSW Central Coast. The aim is to share dive site information amongst divers interested in exploring the area whether it be through local commerial operators, club activity or self guided shore diving.

The NSW Central Coast is a tremendous place to stay and dive. It now features the ex-HMAS Adelaide Artificial reef but the region offers far more. The local diving available varies from deep wreck and reef experiences, featuring sharks and pelagic fishes through to shallow shore diving where the most amazing critters can be found. There is little doubt that the region offers the best macro shore diving in NSW.

The site is very much a work in progress. The intention is to provide information about sites accessible from Broken Bay in the south to Seal Rocks/Forster in the North.

I am a keen amateur marine enthusiast, not a marine biologist nor taxonomist. If you see an species on my site that you feel I have mis-identified please let me know via "scott at muddypuddlediver dot com".