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Exploring Broken Bay 25/11/12

Jorunna parva (Bristly Jorunna) - Trawleys Reef

I had been wanting to do something a bit different for diving this weekend so when I saw the sea condition forecast was perfect we decided to do a little bit of exploratory diving out of Broken Bay. Broken Bay is the mouth of both the Hawkesbury River as well as the Brisbane Water system. It separates the Central Coast from the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Diving from Toowoon Bay 18/11/12

Mopsella sp. (Red Gorgonian) - The Pinnacle

I had offered to run a trip for the ANU Scuba Club and the chosen destination was the Central Coast. I find running trips for the club to the Central Coast a bit of a dilemma to be honest. Accommodation is problematic and expensive and there is always the concern about the weekend getting blown out with little shore diving even to do in bad weather.

Bali Trip 26/10/12

Some quick shots from my recent trip to Bali. More to follow as well as a more comprehensive trip report.

We spent two weeks diving Tulamben with Liberty Dive Resort and Nusa Lembongan/Penida with World Diving.

Jervis Bay is where I love to play 15/09/12

Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Weedy Seadragon) - North Bowen

I spent the weekend with the ANU Scuba Club diving Jervis Bay. We camped at Bristol Point and ran the boats out of Murray's Beach.

Broughton Island 25/08/12

Achoerodus viridis (Blue Wrasse-Grouper) - North Rock GNS Gutters

Broughton Island is a spot I have been wanting to dive for quite some time. Unfortunately, due to the distance of the run out of Port Stephen's it is not something we really think about using our own boat. It is a 20km plus trip from the boat ramp out of Shoal Bay to North Rock, even further from Nelson's Bay (Halifax) or Hawk's Nest. In order to finally dive up at the island we decided to go out with Let's Go Adventures. As far as commercial operators go I can recommend their service.

Winter diving at its best 19/8/12

Okenia atkinsonorum (Atkinson's Okenia) - Caves

We had a bit of a false start on Saturday morning as an electrical fault prevented us taking the boat out as we had hoped. Jane had not been for a dive for a few months and it had been a good month since my last dive and prior to that I was out of the water with my injury. We decided to go down to Terrigal Haven for a shore dive to get some salt and nitrogen into the system. The water at entry was 13 degrees, milky from the big seas last week and slightly green.

Back in the water 14/07/12

Octopus tetricus (Common Sydney Octopus) - Terrigal Haven

It had been over two months since my last dive thanks to my my fractured finger, the surgery and resulting recovery. When I last dived the water as warm and there were still patches of blue water around. Upon entry on my first dive back, it was clear that things had changed !!!

My Compressor Journey 07/7/2012

Bauer Capitano - after rebuild

Central Coast diving is perfect for Nitrox so after a couple of years of resisting temptation, I decided to purchase a compressor so I can start continuous mixing. The thought of being able to extend this to Tri-mix is also attractive (but frankly nothing more than a pipe dream).

I bought a second hand Bauer Capitano, running a single phase motor and it arrived in Sydney early February. Before putting it to work, I wanted to get it serviced and start the process of converting it across to synthetic oil.

Have you given up diving? 6/7/2012

No Diving

I had no idea how much one little gimpy finger tip could cause !! Whilst diving at SW Rocks with the ANUSC just after Easter, I managed to injure my right ring finger. At the time I thought I had dislocated the last bone in the tip of my finger. When 2 weeks later after most of the swelling had gone and I could still not move the tip of my finger, I thought I had better go see a doctor. Long story short, I had fractured my finger and detached a tendon in the process hence the lack of movement.


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