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Sunset & Sweep Soup 28/04/12


There were a stack of boats fishing around Foggy Cave so we decided to dive slightly North at Sunset. There was a layer of dirty water on about the top 3m but it cleared out below that to 15m Vis. A nice dive.

For our second dive we went to a site we discovered over the last 12 months, called Sweep Soup. I had forgotten that the site was more of a reef slope than a drop off. There were plenty of fish around (mostly one spot pullers, sweep as well as some large Surgeonfish) and stacks of growth and macro life to check out.

Jew Grounds & Forresters 25/03/12

Sepia apama (Giant Cuttlefish) - Forresters North

The clear sky from yesterday had disappeared and been replaced with patchy heavily overcast conditions. Throughout the morning the Sun could not work out whether it would be in or out. With a few lumps on the horizon we decided to venture not so far afield as we did yesterday and settled on a dive down at the Jew Grounds (off Avoca beach about 1km south of the ex-HMAS Adelaide site).

Caves and Sharks 24/03/2011

Carcharias taurus (Grey Nurse Shark) - Foggy Cave

This weekend marks the end of the dreadful weather, sea and water conditions that have keep me out of the water for 5 weeks. I am struggling to remember another time since I starting diving when the elements have prevented me from getting in the water for so long. I think there was one weekend in the last 5 that was good for diving but unfortunately my buddy was sick. I have used my time out of the water well and at least I have a Bauer Capitano compressor that I've serviced and restored and is now pumping up tanks in my garage.

I love diving the South Coast 6/2/2012

Sea Spiders  (Class Pycnogonida) - The Pinnacle

Jervis Bay would be my favourite spot on the NSW South Coast but that would have to be followed by Brush Island. Brush Island is just off the coast between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla. The diving is diverse, deep and usually current prone at this time of year.

A good weekend at home 29/01/2012

Isopods, slaters, pill bugs (Order Isopoda) - Boat Trailer Reef

The weather and sea conditions leading up to the weekend had been ordinary, yet again. The positive outcome was that it scared the fisherman away and the car park at the Haven was quiet. The sea conditions on Saturday we quite reasonable and we bumped into fellow TUG member Jeff Heathcote getting ready to go out for a dive in his boat.

Sharks in the Haven 15/1/2012

Terrigal Haven

A miserable day on the coast today weather wise. TUG pulled the pin on diving to the Kiama which frankly was a wise move. The sea was reasonable but it would have just been miserable heading all the way up there, diving in the gloom and through isolated heavy showers.

Nice Find, Rosewater Egg Cowry 8/1/2012

Primovula rosewateri (Rosewater Egg Cowry) - First Point

In a very nice dive yesterday at First Point just south of Avoca, Jane located a Rosewater Egg Cowry (Primovula rosewateri) on a Gorgonian. This is a new critter to add to our local list and a very nice Allied Cowry indeed !

New Years Diving 2012 5/1/2012

Ceratosoma flavicostatum (Yellow-Ridged Ceratosoma) - The Pinnacle

Happy New Year !! It certainly has been from a diving perspective thus far, with the bad weather from Xmas disappearing the sea conditions once again allowing boats on the water and the sun shining.


Xmas Diving 2011 30/12/2011

Pineapplefish (Cleidopus gloriamaris) - Fly Point

This sport is so cruel. When you have no time, the sea is flat and the winds still. However, when holidays come around and you want to put in some serious time in the water, a Southerly buster comes through, coupled with swell from a tropical cyclone and closes down options for diving rapidly. Xmas, Easter and Long Weekends all seem to be prime time for weather to destroy dive plans.

Boxing Day at Nelson Bay 26/12/2011

Cuspivolva platysia (Platypus Cowry) - Seahorse Garden

For the second year in a row, myself and Jane decided the best diving option for Boxing Day was at Nelson Bay. The perfect antidote to a day of indulgence yesterday. Last year, Fly Point was picnic central and we had the site to ourselves from a diving perspective. However this year, with an earlier high tide and slightly less favourable weather conditions, the divers once again occupied the majority of spaces at the Fly Point the car park.


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