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Back in the water 24/12/2011

Phyllidiella pustulosa (Pustulose Phyllidiella) - Boat Trailer Reef

After 5 weeks out of the water due to a bout of pneumonia, I was very keen to get the boat in the water and swim with the fishes. We had a false start yesterday afternoon when we discovered that after the period of inactivity that the boat steering had ceased, post launch at the boat ramp. Instead of diving, we ended up doing some mechanical work in order to resolve for today, very disappointing !

2 new sites 20/11/2011

Boat Trailer - Boat Trailer Reef

What a fantastic weekend of diving !!! Jane and I gave our boat and dive gear a real work out.

Bonito 30/10/2011

Ceratosoma flavicostatum (Yellow-Ridged Ceratosoma) - Bonito

The plan to dive the TSS Halcaine had to be changed at the last minute as the sounder was on the blink. I was hoping it was only a fuse but alas not, a more serious problem by the looks of things. We set off to Foggy Cave with a plan to just dive based on the GPS mark.

5 Mile & Fifeshire 29/10/2011

Love blowing bubbles

I could not resist the temptation to go diving this morning. The sun was out, the wind we had yesterday afternoon had dropped overnight. Expecting the wind to blow up from the North during the course of the morning we set off for 5 Mile Reef. There was a bit of a swell running, probably about 1.5m but little sea. When we called in before diving, Terrigal Marine Rescue warned us about a weather system coming up from the south that was expected to hit in about an hour. The front was visible down in the Sydney area.

PJ Cove 22/10/2011

Hypoplectrodes annulatus (Black Banded Seaperch)

We had a great morning out on the water today with TUG. We dived PJ Cove on The Entrance bommies. The sea conditions were good, with little swell and seas only enough to ensure Greg and Max got a good spray on the way up the coast before they decided to change seats. The Sun even managed to make its way out for us mid morning.

ex-HMAS Brisbane 12/10/2011

ex-HMAS Brisbane

I had a couple of fantastic dives on the ex-HMAS Brisbane yesterday. The sea was perfectly flat, the water warm (21 degrees), 15 metres vis and we were visited by migrating whales on the way out to the dive site as well as back.

ANUSC Trip - North Solitary 10/10/2011

Amphiprion akindynos (Brown Anemonefish) - NW Rock - Fish Soup

Photos from this trip are in the marine gallery.

The rain came in overnight Saturday, along with the 25 knot southerly as predicted. It whipped the sea into a state that prevented the boats going out on the Sunday. As the forecast was similar for the following couple of days, the group broke camp on Monday and moved up to Nelson Bay so we could at least we can do some shore diving while we wait for the seas to settle down.

ANUSC Trip - Norah Head 02/10/2011

It is time for the trip to move on from Norah Head. We had a fabulous day of diving down on the ex-HMAS Adelaide yesterday. The sea was absolutely flat and the sun was shinning and the vis good despite all the rain we've had this week. The surface interval spent in one of the local cafes at Terrigal Haven, in idyllic coastal surrounds was certainly enjoyed by all.

The sea grass beds are gone !

Isaurus cliftoni - Terrigal Haven

I went for a dive in Terrigal Haven this morning. I was hoping to check out the sea grass and look for critters. When I last dived in the Haven, admittedly it was 3 months ago and after a couple of large storm events in early winter, the sand had partly buried some of the beds I like to dive. I was hoping to see the sea grass taking hold again and much to my surprise it was totally gone !!

Foggy Fish 18/9/2011


I looked back through my dive log tonight and saw that I have not dived Foggy Fish since 2009. I am certainly wondering why it has been so long to be honest, but I can guarantee that I wont be leaving it until 2013 to go back I!!


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