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Breakfast on the ex-HMAS Adelaide 17/9/2011

ex-HMAS Adelaide Bow

I have not dived on the ex-HMAS Adelaide since June. I was very keen to dive on her once more to see the developments over the last 3 months.

Silver Drummer Wall 11/09/11

Orectolobus halei (Ornate Wobbegong) - Silver Drummer Wall

The great frustration of diving is clearly the weather. So many time have we all made plans to dive to only be frustrated that the weather has not played ball. Today it actually went the other way for me ! It has been terrible for the last few days, I am resigned myself to a shore dive at Swansea Bridge followed by a quick dip at the Haven on the way home to blow my tank off. We decided to drive past the Haven on the way to Swansea just to check conditions for our second dive.

Nelsons Bay 21/08/2011

Istigobius hoesei (Sloth Goby) - Fly Point (Right)

Sea conditions yet again dreadful, leaving limited options for diving on the coast. It was an overcast dark day but thankfully the rain held off. I was not expecting much from a vis perspective given rain in recent days but thought it would at least be good enough to take some macro shots and to get wet.

Anniversary Reef Wall 07/08/2011

Ralpharia Magnifica (Magnificent Hydroid)

Nice dive at Anniversary reef wall. 1 large southern silver drummer around, some kingfish as well as schools of sweep & one spot pullers. A nice variety of nudi's.

Jeffs Reef 06/08/2011

Pseudocaranx dentex (White Trevally)

Boat dive with TUG to a spot on the Entrance Bommies on a fantastic day on the ocean.

3 Sisters & Cod Hole 30/07/11

Sea Spiders (Class Pycnogonida) - Cod Hole

Photos from dives at the 3 Sisters followed by the Cod Hole in very poor vis conditions.

Back in the Haven 26/6/2011

Sergeant Baker

It has been too long since I have been in my Aquarium, over two months in fact ! When I was last diving in the Haven it was full of tropical species and a fascinating fish watch. The water looked so clear from the boat yesterday and with no other diving planned today and my dive buddy sick in Sydney, I was not going to miss the opportunity to go for a splash in the Haven.

Finally diving the ex-HMAS Adelaide 25/6/2011

ex-HMAS Adelaide Mast

10 weeks after the ex-HMAS Adelaide was sunk off South Terrigal (Avoca) beach I finally got to dive on it. This actually was only attempt number 2, the first some 4 weeks earlier being scuttled by feral weather. The weeks just seem to have flown by as I have been diving away from home through May and June and then of course weather has played it part.

Awful Day, Good Nelsons Bay diving 11/06/2011

Fly Point Weather

It was an awful day weather wise. It had been raining much of the morning and I really doubted how good an idea it was when Jane and I set out for Nelson's Bay. The weather held and we managed a good drift dive around Fly Point followed by a twilight dive at the Pipeline.

Jervis Bay 3/4/2011

Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Weedy Seadragon) - North Bowen

ANUSC Trip to Jervis Bay over the weekend of the 2/3rd of April. Photos from North Bowen Island, 10 Fathom Drop & Murray's Beach


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