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Nelson Bay 6/3/11

Ostracion cubicus (Yellow Boxfish) - Fly Point

Nice day at Nelson Bay. Drift dive around Fly Point followed by a dive on the high tide at the Pipeline.

5 Mile 26/2/2011

Anemones (Order Actiniaria) - 5 Mile Reef

Photos from a dive on 5 Mile Reef, Terrigal, NSW

TV Reef 29/01/11

Schuettea scalaripinnis (Eastern Pomfred) - TV Reef

Nice dive on Forresters Reef. Water warm and quite clear. Much macro and fish life around.

Jeffs Reef 26/1/11

Boat dive with TUG to a spot on the Entrance Bommies that has become a recent favourite for the club.

Nelson Bay 23/1/11

Gymnothorax prasinus (Green Moray) - Fly Point (Right)

TUG day trip for some shore diving within the bay.

Chowder Bay 21/1/11

Chowder Bay twilight dive after work

The Valiant 1/1/11

The Valiant

A New Years day dive with Terrigal Underwater Group (TUG), 2011.


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