A quick dive in Terrigal Haven 18/01/2016

Antennarius striatus (Striped Angler) - Terrigal Haven
Octopus tetricus (Common Sydney Octopus) - Terrigal Haven
Aplysia parvula (Little Seahare) - Terrigal Haven
Aplysia juliana (Juliana Sea Hare) - Terrigal Haven
Lactoria fornasini (Thorny-back Cowfish) - Terrigal Haven
Platycephalus bassensis (Southern Sand Flathead) - Terrigal Haven
Anthothoe albocincta (White-striped anemone) - Terrigal Haven

A quick dip in the Haven. Conditions not the best after all the rain but very impressed at the amount of sea grass at the moment and with plenty of critters hidden amongst it.

The prized find was the black striped angler. These things are hard to get a good photo of at the best of times. The swell and sand being stirred up made it almost impossible !

Another reminder as to what good diving we have on a doorstep on the central coast.