Nelson Bay


Nelson Bay offers everything a diver could possibly want from the Grey Nurse Sharks of Boughton Island, reef diving, wrecks to the stunning macro life. Nelson Bay is an easy day trip from Sydney, a nice long weekend away from Canberra.

Port Stephens is a holiday mecca for people all around NSW, famous for Game Fishing, Whale Watching for the masses and family friendly beaches. Whilst the down side of this is that Nelson Bay is very very busy during the summer months, the upside is that if you are a diver with a family (like myself) you can take the family somewhere they will enjoy and at the same time sneak a dive or two whilst you are there.

As you'd expect there is plenty of accommodation available around Nelson's Bay. You can pitch a tent all the way through to doing the 5 star thing if you are that way inclined.

There is a good boat ramp at Shoal Bay which provides close access to the entry to Port Stephens or you can use one of the 2 Commercial Operators for your boat diving.