Little Beach

Little Beach Dive Location
Cuspivolva tigris (Tiger Egg Cowry) - Little Beach
Cuspivolva platysia (Platypus Cowry) - Little Beach
Cuspivolva platysia (Platypus Cowry) - Little Beach
Phenacovolva rosea (Rosy Spindle Cowry) - Little Beach
Cuspivolva draperi (Draper's Egg Cowry) - Little Beach
Ceratosoma brevicaudatum (Short-Tailed Ceratosoma) - Little Beach
Chromodoris aureopurpurea (Gold-Spotted Chromodoris) - Little Beach
Mexichromis festiva (Festive Mexichromis) - Little Beach
Aphelodoris varia (Variable Aphelodoris) - Little Beach
Dermatobranchus nigropunctatus (Gorgonian Dermatobranchus) - Little Beach
Petroscirtes lupus (Brown Sabretooth Blenny) - Little Beach
Little Beach

This is another site at Nelson Bay I have to thank David Harasti for introducing me to. I had dived the site one time before getting the inside knowledge from Dave as to what to really be on the lookout for at this site. Little Beach is the site at Nelson Bay for Allied Cowries. You will commonly encounter Tiger and Platypus Cowries as well as the more common Rosy Spindle and Draper's Egg Cowries.

Little Beach is the beach between Fly Point and Halifax Park. Gear up in the car park at the Little Beach Marina (Fly Point end of the beach) and make your way down to between the two jetties at the end of Little Beach. Boats do frequent this area so I tend to swim on the surface to the end of the Marina Jetty. Once at the Jetty submerge and you will be greeted with a large number of resident Luderick. This is a site you need to be careful where you put your hands down as Numbfish like to settle in the silty sand at this end of Little Beach. Whilst they wont do you any harm that will certainly give you a shock and some of the biggest I have ever seen have been at this site !!

The jetty area itself is interesting. The pylons are covered in different types of growth and you will find wood scattered on the bottom, presumably the remains of an old jetty. You dive down the slope until about the 10m mark and then toward the North West in the direction of Fly Point. If you are looking for Allied Cowries, check out carefully all the yellow and blue Gorgonians you come across. You will also find a stack of Nudibranchs and other critters and the fish life is also interesting.

You will eventually come across and old large A-Frame as well as the remains of a sunken barge in about 12m. The barge is covered in growth and an interesting part of the dive. There are also a number of boat mooring block to be explored.

Once you are done, turn around and return the way you came. I tend to slowly make my way up to about 5-6m and then swim back at this depth until I see the pylons of the Jetty. I surface around the pylons to make sure I avoid any boats in the area and then swim back to the beach on the surface.

This dive is a great option any time but especially at the height of summer when Fly Point is stacked with divers and you couldn't find a park at The Pipeline if your life depended on it.