Swansea Bridge

Swansea south of Newcastle sits on the ocean entrance to Lake Macquarie. Lake Macquarie is Australia's largest salt water lake and a tremendous amount of water flows into and out of the lake through Swansea Heads at the control of the tide.

There is a single commercial dive operator at Swansea but another close by at Charlestown. Lake Macquarie is well serviced by boat ramps but the one offering the closest access to Swansea Heads is Blacksmith Boat ramp. This boat ramp is just off the Pacific Hwy on the northern side of the channel and just a short run to the heads.

Most of my diving to date in the Swansea area to date has been shore based diving at the Bridge or at Swansea Heads. There are some good reef diving spots around Moon Island such as The Arch as well as the wreck of the Bonnie Dundee. Further site descriptions will follow.