Easter Diving 2013

Chelonia mydas (Green Turtle) - Skillion Cave
Octopus tetricus (Common Sydney Octopus) - Terrigal Haven
Platycephalus fuscus (Dusky Flathead) - Terrigal Haven
Chaetodon flavirostris (Dusky Butterflyfish) - Terrigal Haven
Parupeneus multifasciatus (Banded Goatfish) - Terrigal Haven
Ralpharia Magnifica (Magnificent Hydroid) - Nice Nudi Reef
Pyura spinifera (Sea Tulip) - Nice Nudi Reef
Echinaster colemani (Colemans seastar) - The Slide
Aphelodoris varia (Variable Aphelodoris) - The Slide
Pteraeolidia ianthina (Blue Serpent) - The Slide
Orectolobus maculatus (Spotted Wobbegong) - The Slide
Mopsella sp. (Red Gorgonian) - The Slide
Ceratosoma amoenum (Sweet Ceratosoma) - The Slide
Chromodoris loringi (Loring's Chromodoris) - The Slide
Hypselodoris bennetti (Bennett's hypselodoris) - Forresters Beach Tank
Glossodoris atromarginata (Black Margined Glossodoris) - Forresters Beach Tank
Actiniid sp. 2 (Speckled Seawhip Anenome) - Forresters Beach Tank
Phenacovolva rosea (Rosy Spindle Cowry) - Forresters Beach Tank
Parapercis ramsayi (Spotted Grubfish) - Forresters Beach Tank
Chromodoris loringi (Loring's Chromodoris) - Forresters Beach Tank
Cochleoceps orientalis (Eastern Cleaner Clingfish) - Skillion Cave
Cheilodactylus fuscus (Red Morwong) - Skillion Cave
Skillion Cave
Achoerodus viridis (Blue Wrasse-Grouper) - Skillion Cave
Pempheris compressa (Small scale Bullseye) - Skillion Cave
Trachurus novaezelandiae (Yellow-Tail Scad) - Skillion Cave
Balanophyllia bairdiana (Orange Solitary Coral) - Skillion Cave
Tambja verconis (Verco's Tambja) - Skillion Cave
Sea Spiders  (Class Pycnogonida) - Skillion Cave

For the last few years I have spent Easter with the ANU Scuba Club at Seal Rocks. The diving is absolutely fantastic provided the weather and sea conditions are in our favour. This year I had been doing so much travelling for work, I decided to have a chilled out Easter at home. The weather was not too bad, and certainly good enough to get some diving done reasonable close to home. On some days, we would have been battling against the seas to get further up the coast.

I also managed to spend a little time diving in Terrigal Haven. On one dive, I came across a Ramora and then immediately wondered where the shark was !! Sure enough a minute later we encountered a large GNS. It was fantastic to see them back in the Haven once again this year.

The Green turtle out the front at the Cave was a pleasant surprise for the Easter weekend also. I have heard people say that they have encountered them in Terrigal Haven before but I personally never remember seeing one around Terrigal.

The tropicals have shown up as well so it was fun following around and watching our exotic visitors.

A nice relaxing Easter at home.