A nice morning on the water 27/04/2013

Neil & Mopsella zimmeri (Gorgonian) - Jeffs Reef
Mopsella zimmeri (Gorgonian) - Jeffs Reef
Mopsella zimmeri (Gorgonian) - Jeffs Reef
Coris picta (Comb Wrasse) - Jeffs Reef
Sepia apama (Giant Cuttlefish) - Jeffs Reef
Petricia vernicina (Velvet Star) - Jeffs Reef

After what feels like weeks of ordinary weather preventing diving since Easter I awoke to the type of conditions you can expect on a Monday when it is time to go back to work. There was not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind on the sea. The sea was as flat as I have even seen it.

I was down to dive with the crew from Terrigal Underwater Group. Given the sea condition we decided to head up to the Entrance Bommies for our dive. I observed that conditions in the Haven were still clearly being effected by the torrential rains of the previous weekend. The lagoon was still running out and the water was green and a bit mucky. Sometimes when you get up and out as far as the Bommies, you can get cleaner water but alas we encountered less than 10m Vis but a nice warm 21 degrees on the bottom.

The spot we chose to dive at the Bommies was Jeff's reef. It is a good interesting spot for a dive with a good reef drop off to the sand, some swim-throughs and lots of cracks to explore. In the sheltered water of the reef crack, Georgian's thrive and I was reminded how good the soft corals are at this site.

Back on board, Gary treated the crew to his trademark hotdogs. The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.