A day for Macro 22/09/2013

Cadlinella ornatissima (Ornate Cadlinella) - The Lookout
Cadlina nigrobranchiata (Yellow Edged Cadlina) - Avoca Reef
Chromodoris loringi (Loring's Chromodoris) - Avoca Reef
Glossodoris sp ? - The Lookout
Chromodoris tasmaniensis (Tasmania Chromodoris) - The Lookout
Phyllidiella pustulosa (Pustulose Phyllidiella) - The Lookout
Sea Spiders  (Class Pycnogonida) - Avoca Reef
Aulopus purpurissatus (Sergeant Baker) - Avoca Reef

Another sensational spring day on the coast with a cloudless sky and calm seas. We decided to head down to Avoca Reef, a well known local fishing spot just south of the ex-HMAS Adelaide site. I suspect this is part of the same reef system as the Jew Grounds, a favourite site of mine. It certainly has a similar profile with the reef at about 31m dropping down to 38m.

On the surface, there was a gentle current running South to North and unfortunately it would appear the rain earlier in the week had killed the good vis that we had been getting of late. There were plenty of sweep, yellowtail and other fishlife around but with vis of less than 5m I focussed on looking for more macro critters in the reef.

For our second dive we decided to go down around First Point. We found a nice reef wall 23-29m more toward the Copacabana end of First Point and it provided to be a very nice spot. There were many undercut ledges in the reef that the Red Morwong were calling home. There were some nice Blue Grooper and Maori Wrasse around as well.

Another great morning out on the water.