ANUSC Terrigal Trip 07/02/2015

Jellyfish (Class Scyphozoa) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Goat - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Carijoa sp. 1 (Jetty Octocoral) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Sponges (PORIFERA) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Dendronephthya sp. (Giant Cauliflower) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Ascidians (Class ASCIDIACEA) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Corynactis australis (Jewel Anemone) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Cirrhitichthys aprinus (Blotched Hawkfish) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Rhabdosargus sarba (Tarwhine) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Seriola lalandi (Yellowtail Kingfish) - ex-HMAS Adelaide
Actiniid sp. 2 (Speckled Seawhip Anenome) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Asterodiscides truncatus (Firebrick Star) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Ceratosoma amoenum (Sweet Ceratosoma) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Neodoris chrysoderma (Chrysanthemum Neodoris) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Ceratosoma brevicaudatum (Short-Tailed Ceratosoma) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Chromodoris tasmaniensis (Tasmania Chromodoris) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Hypselodoris bennetti (Bennett's hypselodoris) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Pteraeolidia ianthina (Blue Serpent) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)
Sphaerokodisis australis (Southern Sea Fan) - Outer Bommies (Leon 2)

The conditions had been terrible in the lead up to the trip, with large seas and lots of rain running off into coastal waters for the prior weeks.

It was hardly surprising that the first dive on Saturday, out on the ex-MHAS Adelaide had probably the worst vis of any dive on the coast that I can remember for a long time. There was a layer of blue water down to about 5m but below that vis was 2-3m max. It allowed us to concentrate on macro on the wreck which had significantly improved since my last visit 12 months earlier. I was impressed by the shear biomass of fish life, including large predatory fish that the wreck has attracted. I would be certainly be a fantastic dive in good conditions these days.

On the Sunday we did a run up to the Outer Bommies in the search of some clearer water. Vis conditions where much improved and we had a good dive out on the Leon 2 site. There were a stack of nudibranchs around and I am sure I saw just about every common local slug on the dive.

A good weekend to catch up with some friends from Canberra, even if the dive conditions were not ideal.